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Our Mission

At Esperance Theater Company we strive to lift away the fourth wall to reveal lean, actor-focused, ensemble-driven projects that are rooted in intimate storytelling.  Through new and classic plays, our theater will search for what is universal by focusing on what is most essential.  We believe in the vitality of diverse voices, and are committed to a company and audience that reflects this diversity.  Our audience will be our accomplice, together reaching in esperance for the magic that can occur when we inspire our collective capacity and actively imagine together.

“Esperance gang throw a lovely get together anchored by a top-notch classical performance.” -- Broadwayworld.com

“a spectacular production performed by artists who have a heartfelt and intelligent adoration of Shakespeare.” -- Theandygraham.com

March 2nd - 16th


Breitwisch Farm

by: Jeremy J. Kamps

Unprotected legal status of immigrants. Football players turned activists. Environmental destruction and the rise of the alt right in political power. But this isn’t Trump’s 2018, but a small organic farm in rural Wisconsin in 2011. The middle class has long been disappearing. Democracy has long been corroding. This farm, a bastion of idealism surrounded by cynicism, is a home for people who have nowhere else to go. So what happens when it’s gone?


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Esperance Playwright-In-Residence 

Jeremy J. Kamps