New York native Canada Lee, once called “the greatest Negro actor of his day” by The New York Times, has been virtually erased from history. A passionate civil rights activist, Lee was branded a Communist and blacklisted during the Cold War. He died penniless in 1952 at the age of 45, and his death is one of a handful directly attributed to the blacklist.  The Canada Lee Project explores Lee’s meteoric rise to fame and his fall from grace. Characters include some of the famous people in Lee’s life, including Orson Welles, Langston Hughes, Talullah Bankhead and Ed Sullivan. The Canada Lee Project is based on Mona Z. Smith’s original play about Lee as well as her critically acclaimed biography of the actor and activist, now in development for television.

Harper, Maldonado and Schumacher are all at different emotional and logistical points in their Afghan tour of duties, but for this particular recon mission, they share the same coordinates. Their fates are tied together as they must sit together on a mountain ridge to chart the comings and goings of a suspected militia village in preparation for an attack. But theirs aren’t the only fates linked. When 14 year-old Afghan Hannifa and her goat herder Grandfather happen upon the US soldiers, they are faced with a horrifying dilemma of life and death. Who are “we”? And who has the right to decide who lives or dies?