Esperance Theater Company is thrilled to present a magical, musical, holiday production of William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT!
...but we still need your help! Our generous early supporters (especially our Founding Members!) have given us a huge boost in the right direction, but we need to raise additional funds in order to pay our Actors, Designers and Production Team (all of whom are working for very cheap!), rent rehearsal and performance space, and pay for the props, costumes, and other expenses necessary to fund the kind of production that will be a joy for all our audience members. Truly, every bit helps!

Some suggested donations (followed by our gratitude!):

  • $25 -- Pays for a Costume piece, like one of the many Hats our actors will be wearing as they play their many characters! 
  • $50 -- Pays for a Christmas Tree for our beautiful, holiday-themed set!
  • $100 -- Pays for a day of rehearsal space! (...We'll dedicate that day to you!)
  • $250 -- Pays for a day of our Performance Space!! (...We'll dedicate that Performance to you!)
  • $500 -- Pays for an Artist's Salary for the whole run!!! (...You'll become the personal sponsor for that Artist!)
  • $1,000 -- Become a Founding Member of Esperance!!!!! (Founding Members' names appear in all programs and advertising literature, forever!)